Variable Depth Slab Bridge
Design Software

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  • V Slab uses an optimized banded matrix solver to complete the loading analysis of the bridge.  Since there can be thousands of truck and lane load combinations to find the maximum design values at intermediate points, this method makes the calculations appear nearly effortless on most computers.

  • The program can provide flat slab or variable depth slab designs.  For the variable depth slab option, the program uses Gauss Quadrature numerical integration to develop the stiffness coefficients and fixed end forces for the variable depth segments in the haunched areas.  

  • The software is provided with an integrated help system designed to guide the designer with code section references and programming methodology.  Download and install the program.  Then select the help button to review the various help sections.

  • A superstructure design check was developed to explain the methoology used and guide the designer in completing appropriate code verification.  A Pdf version of this document can be viewed by selcting the following link:

V Slab v4-0 Superstructure Design Check.pdf

  • Click the link below to open the Youtube video tutorial to learn more about the basics of how the program works:

The Recommended Minimum System Requirements Are:  a 1.0 GHz processor with Windows 7, SP1 or higher (.NET Framework 4.5) is required.  At least 256MB of RAM is recommended and about 10MB of available hard disk space.    Program features and the process for using the program are discussed below: