Variable Depth Slab Bridge
Design Software

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On this page you can purchase a new subscription of V Slab Bridge Design Software.  You have the option of completing the purchase online using a credit card or paying by check through the mail.  To pay by check, simply email sales to get a formal quote.  Please include all contact and payment information with the email request.  

All subscription purchases are subject to State Sales Tax of 7% for any purchaser with a physical location in the State of Indiana, unless the purchaser has an approved Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Number.  To order online follow the procedures below. 

There are three subscription license types available: Individual, Site or Corporate depnding on the number of users and/or  physical locations. Each subscription is valid for one year from the date the User Name and Key Code are provided.

  • INDIVIDUAL LICENSE ($1,150 US): An individual license can only be installed on one computer.
  • SITE LICENSE ($2,300 US):  A site license allows unlimited installations for a company at one physical location. 
  • CORPORATE LICENSE ($3,450 US):  A corporate license is required for a company to install the software on unlimited computers at multiple physical locations. 

To purchase a new subscription license, click on the button below and complete the required data and payment information.   Your User Name and Key Code will be emailed to you:


Prior to your annual renewal date, you will receive an email with a written offer to extend your subscription.  Renewal rates depend on the timing of the renewal.    The following pricing applies:

From Renewal Date              Individual                Site                     Corporate 

Renewal to 3 Mo                              $750                       $1,500                   $2,250

3 Mo. to 6 Mo.                                  $850                       $1,700                   $2,550

6 Mo. to 9 Mo.                                  $950                       $1,900                   $2,850

9 Mo. to 1 Yr.                                  $1,050                     $2,100                   $3,150

If the subscription is not renewed within a year of the previous purchase date, new license rates apply.  Your renewal date will become the date your new key code is emailed.  All subscriptions are valid for 1 year from the renewal date.