Variable Depth Slab Bridge
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How will the program be maintained?

Program users are encouraged to submit potential bugs and requested improvements through the support email address.  When a revision is warranted, a new version will be issued.  Program fixes will be given first priority.  Then code changes will be given priority over new features.  Only the most currently released version will be supported.

How often will the program be updated?

As changes are warranted, new versions will be issued.  The program will be reviewed at each code change to verify compliance.  A new version will be issued to address changes as soon as the updates can be implemented.

How much will it cost for an upgrade?

Licenses are provided on an annual subscription basis.  As program updates are made, new versions will be issued.  You may install new versions and continue to use the program until your current subscription period expires. 

Future subscription pricing is subject to change at the discretion of KJH Consulting, LLC.

Are new features being considered?

New features are considered based on user requests.  Users are encouraged to send comments regarding these or other features by email.

Is a network version available?

No.  In order to use the program on multiple machines, either a Site or Corporate license is required.  With either of these licenses, you can install the program on multiple computers.

How does the program handle sidewalk loading?

The program can model the loading effects of sidewalks including additional dead load and patterned pedestrian loading.  If the sidewalk is protected from vehicle traffic, the user can choose to eliminate vehicle loading from the exterior strip design.  A user defined exterior strip width can also be entered to model the sidewalk dimensions.

At this time, the program does not allow the additional sidewalk depth to contribute structurally. 

How can I model a deeper edge beam?

The program currently doesn't provide a stiffened edge beam option.  This will require hand calculations.  The summary tables may be used as a base for moment and shear calculations.

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