Variable Depth Slab Bridge
Design Software

Copyright © KJH Consulting, LLC
This download is the full version of the V Slab Bridge Design Software.  However, until a license is purchased, it will only run in Demonstration Mode.  Some of the program features are not supported in this mode.

Until a license is purchased, this software is not authorized to be used for review or design of bridges.  Doing otherwise is a violation of United States Copyright laws.
  • This link downloads the V Slab Bridge Design Setup as a compressed ZIP file.  It is recommended that you save the ZIP file to your Desktop, and then exit all programs.  Right click the ZIP file and select Extract All.  Then run the "V Slab Setup.exe" program.  Follow the on screen instructions.  After installation, you can delete the ZIP file or save it as a backup.

  • Please note, this software uses the MicroSoft .NET Framework 4.5.  Therefore, Windows 7 with SP1 or above is required as this framework is an integral component of these Windows versions.  V Slab no longer installs .NET versions on user's computers nor does it check to see if version 4.5 is installed.
V Slab Bridge Design, Version 4.0

If you have a licensed version of V Slab on your computer, installing Version 4.0 will overwrite your current version.  Your previous key code will not work with Version 4.0.  You must obtain a new key code or install Version 4.0 on a different computer.