Variable Depth Slab Bridge
Design Software

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  • V Slab uses an optimized banded matrix solver to complete the loading analysis of the bridge.  Since there can be thousands of truck and lane load combinations to find the maximum design values at intermediate points, this method makes the calculations appear nearly effortless on most computers.

  • The program can provide flat slab or variable depth slab designs.  For the variable depth slab option, the program uses Gauss Quadrature numerical integration to develop the stiffness coefficients and fixed end forces for the variable depth segments in the haunched areas.  

  • The software is provided with an integrated help system guiding the designer with code section references and programming methodology.  Please read each section thoroughly before requesting assistance.   The help  system file can be downloaded here for review as V Slab Help System.pdf

  • Select the following presentation to learn more about how the program works:


The screen display resolution must be set to 1024 x 768 or greater for the program to function properly.  The Recommended Minimum System Requirements Are:  a 1.0 GHz processor with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.  At least 256MB of RAM is recommended and about 10MB of available hard disk space.  If .NET Framework 2.0 must be downloaded, an additional 23.6 MB of hard disk space will be required.  Program features and the process for using the program are discussed below:
If you have a Licensed Copy, you can Open Existing Project Files.  To Start a New Project, Select Next or the New Project Button.
Enter the Span and Bridge Data and Select Next.
Define Flat or Haunched Slab Thicknesses. Then Select Next.
Define the Reinforcing Steel and Concrete Material Properties and Select Next.
Specify the Structure Loading Requirements and Select Next.
Special Vehicles can be Entered for Design and Load Rating.
Apply the Loading to the Design Envelope and Define Load Rating Requirements then Select Next.
The Reinforcing Layout Page is Displayed. Define the Bar Spacing and Layout for the Interior and Exterior Strips.
Zoom in and out and Select Bars to Edit.  Add Splice Bars for Improved Economy.
Place the Mouse Cursor over the Section Check Box for Detailed Design Information. The Box will Display as Green or Red to Indicate Pass/Fail Conditions.  Select Next When Completed.
Design some or all of the Substructure Components.  Only the Designs you Accept will Print in the Final Report.  Select Next when Completed.
The Report will Display for Review.  You can either Save the Report to a Text File or Send it to a Printer.  You can also Save the Bridge Input Data to a Project File for Future Use.